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Yoga & Essential oils

a match made in heaven

Yoga collection

The yoga collection from doTERRA in partnership with my mentor Elena Brower is the perfect companion on the mat. I use arise as I awake and the uplifting aroma sets a positive tone for the day. Align is harmonizing, perfect for practice and steady progress.

I love the floral aroma of Anchor as it really does just that anchors me to the moment, to my body and the earth. Join our growing community to deepen your knowledge of essential oils as a member of armonia-essentials you get free access to training sessions and oil classes with Elena as well.

When you join our community you receive a free guide to the collection, and some other free bonuses as well. If you want to create a business combining yoga & essential oils, let me know at and I'll help you get started.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation practice provide ​both ​subtle​ and overt​ ​advantages ​for ​your​ ​health​; Essential ​O​ils ​offer potent ​physical and emotional ​support. ​Combined​, these tools offer comprehensive ​benefits for ​your ​vitality and longevity.

​Learn to use yoga​, ​meditation and ​essential ​o​ils ​together ​for​ your overall wellness, and ways to incorporate each into your daily life.

Essential oils have enhanced my life as well as my yoga and meditation practice. They work their magic through the blood-brain 

Why doTERRA?

As a Yogateacher I've used essentail oils like lavender in my classes to enhance relaxation in savasana for years. I bought them at the healthfood store and trusted in the label that stated it was 100% pure. I always asks my students beforehand if they wanted a drop of lavender, one day a lady protested and told me to not come near her with the oil as it gave her a headache. I started to question the quality of the oil, but was confused by the label. If it says 100% pure, it has to be or? When I first tried the lavender from doterra I understood in an instant how lavender was supposed to smell. Like heaven. And that the label of the other oil was lying. There really is a doterra difference, as proven by independent testing and I am proud to advocate for the purity and therapeutic qualities of these oils. I hope that me sharing can inspire your journey with essential oils.

Essential oils pictures by Sarah Willox

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